Why Paperchase Should be Your Preferred Store For All Your Stationery Needs

Shopping for stationeries can sometimes be a challenging adventure, especially when someone has to move from one store to another, looking for various selections. How about if you can get a store that offers a wide selection of stationeries and Christmas cards at affordable prices? Paperchase is made of all this! With over 50 years of experience, the online store is dedicated to bringing you stylish stationeries, unique greeting cards, and quality art and craft materials. Not to mention their unmatched gift offers as well as “treat me” cards. 

In this article, you will discover why Paperchase should be your all-time stationery store.

Why shop at Paperchase

  • A wide variety of quality products: It’s not every day that you get to combine style and uniqueness all in one product. Well, at Paperchase, all your stationery needs are covered! Paperchase’s team of dedicated designers inspires the range of products; they develop quality products and post them on the website every week.
  • Discounts are offered for various productsPaperchase’s customers enjoy discounts such as heroes discount (meant for teachers, healthy workers, social care workers, and armed forces), student discount, among many others. 
  • Large inventory– They have an extensive list of products in the market you need to check out. You will be spoilt for choice. 
  • At Paperchase, customer privacy is highly valued– Information provided by customers remains confidential and for official use only. 

How to Place Orders

Placing orders on Paperchase.com is simple. You only need to login to the websites and click on the shop now button! 

Receiving your package at your doorstep is hassle-free through their different courier options. Besides, payments are made online for ordered products or at the stores for one-on-one purchases. 

Notably, it is crucial to retain the dispatch email as it would be required in the event of returning orders.

How to Find Them

Paperchase has over 130 stores across the UK and over 30 sites across France, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, the Middle East, and Germany. Their websites are always open for their clients through email or calling them on their telephone numbers provided on the pages. They always respond to customer queries promptly.

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