How Avon Can Make You Easy Money

Being an Avon Representative is not just for yummy mummies. More and more men are getting into selling cosmetics around the neighbourhood, as well as some professionals who run their Avon businesses to supplement their income.

Now Avon is targeting students and graduates looking to increase their earnings and or as an alternative career path.

If you would like to run your own business and you have an interest in cosmetics, check it out.


Woman having eyeshadow applied to her eyelid with a brush

Avon is a cosmetics company selling beauty, fashion, home and kids products. Avon Representatives sell Avon products to customers all over the world through Avon brochures and online, and through the recently introduced My Avon Store, the brand’s social selling platform in the UK.

Avon has almost six million Representatives worldwide that sell products directly in their communities and online.

While this covers various ages and demographics, the average age of a Representative has fallen, and younger men and women are coming on-board as the desire to have a portfolio career and entrepreneurial spark increases for those in the earlier stages of their careers.

According to the DSA (Direct Selling Association) under-25s now making up 22% of the direct sales industry (2015), and 62% of direct sellers having a composite career with more than one job (2016).

Avon claims that selling their products is a good way to set yourself up in business and making your own money, rather than waiting to get a full time traditional job.

They have a point – as we often say on this site, there are lots of ways of making cash for yourself either as a ‘bit on the side’ or as a full-time occupation. Working through Avon is just one of them.

There are two main ways you can work with Avon:

  • as a Representative
  • or as a Sales Leader.

A Representative takes Avon orders from clients directly or online, while a Sales Leader will manage a team of Representatives and earn commission from their sales. It’s a type of ‘social selling’ which can work for those who are highly motivated and enthusiastic.

Being an Avon Representative is good for people who only want to work part-time with flexible working hours, as the amount of work you put in is entirely up to you – some people even work as an Avon Representative while holding down a full-time job. The next step up is to become a Sales Leader, who manage the people working under them.



Woman holding makeup brushes

Avon Representatives buy products at a discounted price and then sell the products on to customers at the brochure price, making their profits through the difference. The discount level offered to Avon Representatives varies according to order size.

When you sign up, your personal Area Manager will contact you with the Minimum Order Value (MOV) and the Higher Order Value (HOV). When your order is above the MOV, you can enjoy a 20% discount, while an order above HOV attracts a discount of up to 25%. Sales leaders earn commission from those working for them and there is no upper limit on the amount of commission that can be earned.

Avon has a joining fee of

  • £16 for Representatives
  • £25 for Sales Leaders

These fees are to cover the training.



Avon lady selling cosmetics

The working hours are very flexible because you choose them for yourself and you can decide how much money you want to earn in a week. It’s a very sociable activity as you’re constantly meeting new people. If you put a lot of work in you can make plenty of profit – but be aware that it’s something you do have to put a lot of energy into, at least in the beginning, to get enough reward.

You really do need to be good at selling, as your profits depend entirely on your ability to sell Avon products. Sales can be tricky, especially when targeting your friends is going to be your first port of call. Would you be comfortable asking your friends to buy Avon products from you?



Real Life Avon Lady - Libby ReynoldsIt is fair to say pink blood runs through the Reynolds’ family. Fifteen years ago, Libby’s mum and dad joined forces and began running their own Avon team and now have 2,500 Representatives working under them.

Libby was always fascinated by her parent’s business with Avon and for as long as she can remember, she would always accompany her mum on visits to Avon customers.

When Libby turned 16 she began working for her mum as an admin assistant, helping her process her orders and arrange deliveries. Fascinated and motivated with the idea of running her own business, as soon as Libby turned 18, she started to sell Avon products herself.

Libby, now 20, has been working with Avon for almost 3 years reaching the esteemed role of Sales Leader, accountable for 130 Representatives, with her Avon business being her main source of income. Libby is a perfect example of how University isn’t a necessary requirement to lead a successful business.



If selling Avon products is your calling, or you just fancy making a bit on the side from it then go to the Avon website now.

Everything You Have To Know About Pier One Imports

How to Redeem a Coupon Code at Pier 1 Imports


When you click on the shopping cart at the top right hand side of the page, a sidebar extends to the right displaying the items in your cart. You can either edit your cart or checkout. During checkout, you can create an account or checkout as a guest without an account. If you have a coupon or promo code, click on the words “Enter a Promo Code” in the Basket Summary square on the right hand side of the page just above the order total. A text box for entering your code will appear. To complete your order, fill in your shipping address and billing information. You will have a chance to review your order before submitting it.

Pier 1 Imports Outlet/Clearance

All of Pier 1’s clearance and sale merchandise is in one, easy to shop section. A menu to the left of the page displays the number of sale and clearance items in each department. Below the departmental icons on the main part of the page, two more links display either sale items only or clearance items only. Below those links are offers with limited-time savings. Filters within each department sort merchandise in several convenient ways.


Pier 1 Imports Review


Pier 1 Imports, like Target and HomeGoods, has established itself as a place to find unique home decor items that express your creative decorating flair. The company opened its first store in San Mateo, California in 1962, attracting customers among the baby boomers, who were then living their hippie phase. Pier 1 moved its corporate headquarters to Fort Worth, Texas, in 1966 and continued to expand within the United States. The company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange in 1970, and in 1972, Pier 1 opened stores in Europe and Australia. In 1985, the company shifted its focus to unique, high quality home furnishings and accessories, and in 1996, Pier 1 began providing designers in the U.S. and Canada with exclusive merchandise previews and substantial discounts through the Design Concepts Program. With the beginning of the new century, Pier 1 launched its online store and hired Kirstie Allie to be its first celebrity spokesperson. A new marketing campaign begun in 2004 introduced the merchandise as the company’s spokesperson and returned the focus to the one-of-a-kind home furnishings and accessories inspired by cultures from all around the world. In 2012, Pier 1 Imports celebrated its 50th year as a retail business and its 40th year of being listed on the New York Stock Exchange as well as the redesign of its online store. The new design frees customers to shop wherever they want, whenever they want, and however they want. They can order items online and pick them up within hours at their local stores with no delivery fees, or they can have their purchases shipped directly to their homes. Some merchandise can be shipped via Pier 1’s White Glove in Home Delivery Service. With this service, the delivery personnel carry the item to the room of the customer’s choice, unpack and inspect it, and then assemble it. Before they leave, they also clean up and remove all of the packing material.

Here’s an example of the product as spokesperson which features ideas for Using Lanterns to Bring Autumn Colors Inside Your Home. By simply changing the contents and color pallets of the lanterns, you can easily adapt this idea for any season, holiday, or party theme.

Because Pier 1 is a worldwide importer, the company has become involved with a number of global issues and relief efforts.

In addition to the Vendor Accountability Program that protects the workers employed by vendors, Pier 1 vendors must observe local laws regarding bribery, corruption, and unethical practices. Pier 1 vendors must also follow the supply chain criteria established by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s Customs — Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program or a similar World Customs Organization program.

Among its humanitarian efforts, Pier 1 has collaborated with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF since 1985 and has raised over $32 million dollars through the sale of UNICEF greeting cards. Pier 1 has also participated in disaster relief efforts in Haiti and in the countries affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Staples Shopping Guide

All The Office Supplies You Need

When you’re at work, you’re focused on doing the best job possible and creating the best product you can. You’re probably not worried about the post-it-notes, pens, and even printer cartridges that are required to run a successful venture. Office supplies are necessary if you hope to do the best job possible. Do you want to save on all the stuff you need to do the job right? You can save with these Staples coupon codes from Dealhack.

Everything For The Office

With Staples, office supplies are easy and straightforward. You can shop for everything you need in the categories section where you’ll find items like ink & toner, paper, and even furniture. On top of all those great supplies that will help you deliver a better product to your clients all around the world, Staples even sells food and drink products that are perfect for keeping your employees comfortable and even entertaining guests as they arrive at your office.

Easy Ordering At Staples

The thing that so many people struggle with when it comes to office supplies is making sure that there’s a steady stream of everything that’s needed. After all, it isn’t like one ream of paper, or one pack of ink cartridges is going to last forever. Staples knows that time spent dealing with a pesky ordering process is time spent away from the things that matter to your business. That’s why they offer an ‘Easy Reorder’ feature. With this tool, you can select the products you want and build a schedule for refills. Just set it up, and you’ll receive everything you need when you need it, without ever having to ask for it.

Save At Your Local Staples

Staples also has many physical locations all over the country. Local stores make it easy to take advantage of everything they offer. For example, maybe you need something today, right away, and you know exactly what it is. Just order it online, drive over at a convenient time, and pick it up at the front of your local Staples. You’ll save tons of time, and you’ll have what you need as soon as possible.

Save On Office Supplies

Staples understands office supplies aren’t exotic or cool. They are completely necessary and not having them will throw a wrench into your routine. That’s why they offer not only everything you’ll ever need for the office but also easy ways to save on all of it. Now you can increase your savings, even more, when you shop with these Staples promo codes available from Dealhack.

Ross-Simons Shopping Guide

About Ross-Simons

Since 1952, Ross-Simons has been committed to providing quality jewelry and luxury items at affordable prices. Today Ross-Simons continues to do so as a thriving multi-channel retailer. They mail their catalogs all over the globe, maintain an online store, and operates a flagship store in Warwick, Rhode Island.

A Legacy of Luxury

Ross-Simons continues to offer luxury table ware and collectibles as well as exceptional jewelry at legendary prices. Their jewelry collection is hand-picked by artisans all around the world. The collection features selections from well-known designers and famous watchmakers, and vintage jewelry. Many designs come straight from the runway. Ross-Simons also carries heirloom-quality home décor and tableware. From beautiful figurines and brand name flatware to collectible Christmas ornaments and crystal accents, you are sure to find one that suits your taste.

Shop For High-Quality Jewelry

Browsing for items at is simple. Categories are displayed on the page as drop-down menus. You can browse by accessory type (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or rings), gemstone, or metal type (gold and silver). There are also menus for engagement rings, estate (for vintage jewelry), men’s accessories, watches, home (home décor and collectibles), and gifts. You can also shop by style (contemporary, classic, glamorous, eclectic, and trendsetter). The Sale and Clearance menus allow you to browse items at discounted prices.

Ross-Simons has been providing exceptional service to over 4 million satisfied customers for 65 years. For luxury jewelry and home accessories at reasonable prices, shop at Ross-Simons.

How to Get the Best Deals

Become a member of the Ross-Simons VIP Rewards Club and reap the benefits. VIP Rewards Club members receive annual benefits. Benefits include invites to exclusive savings events, three $50 gift coupons, free 2-day domestic shipping, and free shipping on jewelry returns. Members also get access to a priority line answered by a committed VIP consultant. You can also apply for a Ross-Simons (RS) Credit Card. RS Credit Card holders receive exclusive offers, 30-day returns, and free shipping once they reach a spending threshold.

Luxury home accessories and jewelry offered at discounted prices can be seen on their sale and clearance pages. Promo codes which are shown on the home page may also be used upon checkout to get a discount on your total purchase amount. You can also subscribe to their email to receive special web offers.

Ross-Simons also buys jewelry and gold at higher prices compared to other jewelers or pawn shops.

How To Save Money At

How to Save More with Express

After you’ve filled up your shopping cart, you can go to the checkout area and you’ll find a box labeled “Add Promo Code” where you can enter your code. Enter it, click “Apply”, and you should see your order total change to reflect the applied discount.

Other Tricks To Save More

Express does a lot of promotions, so it’s a good idea to sign up for their newsletter. Especially as they offer pieces that tend to be quite versatile, it can be a good idea to wait for items to go on sale or for large, usually holiday-related, sales, and their newsletter will keep you informed about any such upcoming deals.

Rewards Program

You can join the Express Next Rewards program at no cost and begin earning points for every dollar you spend. You’ll earn a $10 reward for every 2500 points you earn, and once you reach A-Level membership, you’ll earn $15 rewards for each $2500 points. If you sign up for an EXPRESS NEXT Credit Card, you’ll earn double points, and there’s no limit to how many points you can earn. You can sign up for the program on their website.

Returns Policy

Items in their original condition can be returned within 90 days of purchase along with an original receipt. Items purchased online have to be returned through and items purchased in a physical store have to be returned to a store location, and all items must still have their “Do Not Remove” tags intact.

About Express

Express is a fashion forward retailer catering to both men and women. Their primary focus is on work and casual attire, especially pieces that can be multi-function – worn at the office but still great for going out. The company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and was launched as part of Limited Brands in 1980. The company now operates 641 stores, primarily in the United States, and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol EXPR.

Best Dell Laptops Of 2018

Putting aside every single notebook from every other manufacturer though, we also have our favorites just among Dell’s range too. Here’s the best, as well as few great alternatives.


Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 9370 review | Full laptop from directly in front

Why you should buy this: It’s powerful, has fantastic battery life and it’s a stylish trendsetter.

Who’s it for: Just about anyone but gamers.

How much will it cost: Starts at $1,000

Why we picked the XPS 13:

We’ve been big fans of the Dell XPS 13 for years now, and the 2018 version is no exception. It iterated upon the classic design of the year before with the option for a new paint job, a new fabric feel, and improved weight distribution. It’s a little thinner and lighter than its predecessor, but the true reason we love this laptop more than any other is because of how strong a contender it is at its $1,000 entry-level price point.

Even the most affordable of the new XPS 13 includes a Core i5-8250U CPU, but for a little more you can double up the RAM to 8GB and storage to 256GB for improved performance. It has a beautiful screen at either 1080p or 4K and though we miss the as-standard touch-screen functionality, the overall performance of this device, with workday-long battery life makes it our continued favorite laptop of them all — and that includes over the other Dell’s too.


Dell XPS 15

the best dell laptops xps 15 lid2 800x533 c 02

Why you should buy this: Its display is beautiful and all around performance is fantastic.

Who’s it for: Professionals who like to game in the off hours.

How much will it cost: Starts at $1,000.

Why we picked the Dell XPS 15:

What the XPS 15 loses in portability with its larger form-factor and increased weight over the above 13-inch laptops, it more than makes up for in hardware options and more screen real estate. Built upon the last-generation of XPS 13, the 15 does lack that current-generation internal hardware, but the option of a discrete graphics chip makes it an altogether different animal.

The best part is that the XPS 15 has recently been updated to include some new hardware inside. It still has an affordable starting price of $1,000, but you’ll have to bump it up to $1,400 to get the beefy GTX 1050Ti and Core i7-8750H. If you plan to any sort of gaming or video rendering, that’s a must-have upgrade and a big reason to opt for this laptop over even our favorite, the XPS 13. The larger display looks beautiful in both 1080p and 4K, though the higher resolution option does bring battery life quite a bit.

The XPS 15 is a bigger, badder version of the XPS 13 and although it might not be as cutting edge as some of the alternatives, it’s still one of the best Dell laptops out there.

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

dell xps 15 2 1 in review front display

Why you should buy this: It’s an XPS 15 with a 360-degree hinge and an interesting design.

Who’s it for: Those who want a great laptop and tablet in one package.

How much will it cost: Starts at $1,300

Why we picked the XPS 15 2-in-1:

The XPS 15 2-in-1 takes the XPS 15 design we know and love so well and adds a 360-degree hinge to it, making it also a functional tablet. It’s not as light as something that can detach the keyboard entirely — like the Surface Book 2 — but it’s still a great lightweight tablet and laptop with some extra power under the hood.

The XPS 15 2-in-1 differs from the XPS 15 in two other important ways as well: The keyboard and the components. First off, the keyboard features a butterfly-mechanism, low-travel keyboard that is more similar to the MacBook Pro than the XPS 15. The low travel takes some time to get used to, and we noticed our fingers got tired quicker after a full day of typing.

The second is the chipset used, which is an 8th-gen G-Series Intel chip. The chip combines an Intel CPU with an AMD Vega graphics chip, providing some ample gaming power, especially in 1080p. It did perform well, but our review unit struggled in battery life, especially compared to other laptops in the XPS lineup.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000

the best dell laptops inspiron 15 7000 review 888 800x533 c 02

Why you should buy this: It’s an affordable gaming laptop with real power.

Who’s it for: Gamers on a budget who want to play at high-detail.

How much will it cost: Starts at $900

Why we picked the Inspiron 15 7000:

If you want a great all-round Dell laptop with gaming power, you get a XPS 15. If you want a Dell gaming laptop at a reasonable price, the XPS 15 7000 is the laptop for you. Its hardware options are more limited than other entries on this list, but that’s only because the weaker choices aren’t available. It’s a Core i5 or i7 CPU. A GTX 1050, 1050 Ti or a 1060. Nothing else.

Whatever configuration you opt for, performance is stellar, which is what’s most important about this laptop. The reason this much more capable laptop doesn’t dominate the other entries in this list though, is because to get all of that power under the hood and maintain a sub-$1,000 starting price, Dell did have to cut a few corners. It has a lot of extraneous plastic that gives it a unique, but bloated look.

That expanded body doesn’t mean stability either, with more flex in the frame than we would like to see and the display, with its chunky bezels, is far from what we expect from a true gaming machine. That said, the XPS 15 7000 has the most powerful graphics chip on this list by a long shot, making it a laptop that’s great for gaming, even if it’s not perfect.

Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1

the best dell laptops inspiron 13 7000 late 2017 review fold 1500x1000 02

Why you should buy this: You want Dell quality without the XPS price tag.

Who’s it for: High-performance users who don’t stray too far from mains power.

How much will it cost: Starts at $850

Why we picked the Inspiron 13 7000:

Although not quite as premium as the XPS range of laptops, Dell’s Inspiron notebooks are far from budget portable systems and the Inspiron 13 7000 is a solid entry in this list of best Dell Laptops. Sporting the latest (8th) generation of Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs and up to 16GB of RAM, it has excellent performance at this price point and its 1080P display is bright and colorful.

As a 2-in-1 this laptop can be flipped into a variety of configurations, letting you use it in tent mode for media viewing, or convert it entirely into a tablet for better touch-screen functionality. Despite that versatility, the Inspiron 13 7000 also sports great build quality — no unwanted flex here.

There’s a reason that this laptop sits at the bottom of the list of best Dell laptops though and that’s largely to do with battery life. It failed to last even a couple of hours in our most intensive test and is simply not going to be able to give you a full day’s worth of juice when working away from a charge point.

Still, its overall performance is solid and it brings great functionality to a price bracket that’s much more accessible than the best of the bunch.