Decorate Your Home With Exquisite Products From Neiman Marcus Last Call

With Neiman Marcus, it is now much easier and less costly to embellish your home. Neiman Marcus is a top-notch store whose discount retailer, Neiman Marcus Last Call, just introduced their new home section at your disposal! Walking into their store now not only guarantees you an access to a vast collection of designer clothes and accessories, but also lets you decorate your home for a bargain.

Their home section offers lighting, decor, dining, furniture, rugs, bed and bath, outdoor, among others. The Senior Vice President of Neiman Marcus Last Call, Elizabeth Allison, commented on their ultimate excitement on the launching of their new Home Section to Neiman Marcus Last Call Online.

She added that there are several different products available at their online store aimed at enhancing your space and creating a stylish scene both in your home and office. Their display contains a variety of products that can outfit several areas from your kitchen to your bedroom to your outdoor space, most of which are products from Safavieh as their main designer.

This line is popular for it range of fashion and craftsmanship and Neiman Marcus Last Call sells them out at a discount— a deal you can’t afford to miss!

Their home section accommodates everyone, whether you are looking to furnish your whole home or just bit by bit, and has perfect sizes for different room spaces, small and big. Brushing through the collection, we came up with some must-have commodities available at Neiman Marcus Last Call online below:

Safavieh Abele Side Table

This bold color combo is such a spectacular table to fit in any room at your home. The single drawer has a rich, lacquered, blue finishing that makes up a perfect contrast to the brass frame. 

The legs are finished in gold and have a mellowed texture that matches the one on the drawer pull. Its sizes favours small spaces as it makes an ideal entryway resting position. It is slender enough for a short wall, but the absence of tabletop space is compensated for by the drawer.

Most apartments lack enough space to host an office or basically a full-on desk. The width of this table is sufficient to form an ultimate laptop workstation. It goes for $622 as opposed to its original cost of $1,131.

Safavieh Carlene Writing Desk

If you are looking to design a study that you will always crave to work on, this desk should be your priority. It is laden with mixed material construction which will catch your attention each time you walk in, luring you to be productive. Its white top and one of the desk’s table legs are lacquered to offer a completely fashionable look, while one wooden end gives the setup a more unsophisticated look and an industrial feel.

 The wooden legs’ texture also makes the element smooth and aesthetic. Although it has a geometric design, it is not purely meant for aesthetics as the angled shelved could serve as chic storage for decor and books. It is now available at a discount for $427, a noticeable cut from its original cost of $777.

Safavieh Anwen Geometric Coffee Table

You can’t have a better and modern centerpiece than the one created with this geometric coffee table in your room. It is characterized by an uneven stack of four wooden frames and a glass top finishing. As much as the design is made up of clean lines, some unfinished and industrial element of the table makes it palatable in any environment.

You can easily create a modern and urban space by placing this set up on a concrete loft floor, sans rug, with some surrounding minimal dark leather furniture. A much softer approach could feature surrounding deluxe accents and other glass elements. It originally went for $597, but currently at Neiman Marcus Last Call’s home section, you can purchase it for $328.

Safavieh Atka Console Table

Such Acrylic tables are usually costly and most people tend to avoid them when planning a redesign of their home or office, but with the Safavieh Atka Console Table costing almost half its original market price, you can’t resist the urge to consider buying it. With this acrylic version, you can achieve a lucite look for less. It has curved edges which gives it a soft feel on the edges, amplified by the see-through finish.

It’s almost transparent look makes it appear delicate. This table is quite a masterpiece of beauty as you can use both its top and the space underneath for decoration. You can use the clear finish as a display case where you can show off, say overflow books and other knick-knacks that can’t fit on the surface. It originally cost $1,116, but it is now on sale for only $614, quite a fair price for its value.

Neiman Marcus never disappoints when it comes to clothing and other  designer accessories, and their new home section is not an exception. Visit their online stores and explore their home decoration products variety at a discount. At Neiman Marcus Last Call, you get ultimate value for your money!

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