Netflix vs. Hulu: This Is Why Hulu Should Be Your Choice In The Times Of COVID-19

The battle for streaming supremacy had led to an arms race between top providers trying to separate themselves from the pack. And it’s clear why so much money is being invested in the various platforms — for a company to find itself behind at this early portion of the streaming revolution can be seen as an insurmountable mountain to climb. After all, with Netflix already leading the way with 70 million subscribers and counting, it has already cemented itself at the top of the food chain for years to come. But the other streaming platforms like Hulu? Not so much.


While Netflix is pretty much untouchable at the moment when it comes to catalog size, other streaming platforms have started to think outside the box to set themselves apart. Amazon Prime for example is buoyed by its offer of free Prime, two-day shipping while Hulu has oriented itself to fill specific viewing needs that Netflix and the others can’t provide. So what are Hulu’s unique features that make it a worthy competitor to Netflix? Here are five things that Hulu can provide viewers that Netflix can’t.

1. Fast turnaround of current TV

Dinner Scuffles Modern Family


This is the most important exclusive feature from Hulu that makes it able to compete with Netflix. While Netflix streams new seasons of TV shows up to a year after they’ve premiered, Hulu often streams new episodes only 24 hours after they premiere on network TV. That means that for cord-cutters who still want to watch their favorite TV shows, Hulu is the streaming service that best allows a compromise between cable and cord-cutting.

2. Strong network partnerships

Hulu - Next-Day Streaming


One reason why Hulu can provide such an outstanding catalog of TV shows with a quick turnaround is because of its partnership with some of the biggest media companies in the business — this of course stands in contrast to Netflix, which has had, and continues to have, its fair share of conflict with Hollywood. Hulu on the other hand currently represents a joint venture from The Walt Disney Company, 21st Century Fox, and Comcast, which gives viewers access to TV episodes from ABC, The CW, Fox, and NBC one day after premiering on TV. And in recent years Hulu has announced partnerships with both BBC and Showtime that continue to build upon its formidable connections.

3. Competitive pricing

Cut the Cord


Although Hulu and Netflix currently share a $7.99 monthly subscription cost, this is set to change soon as all long-time Netflix subscribers will see their price rise to $9.99/month (which is what brand new subscribers have been paying for some time now). That new Netflix price also results in Hulu’s $11.99/month ad-free service feeling much more reasonable (Hulu still allows commercials) while the $7.99/month plan remains one of the least expensive in the business. Additionally, don’t forget that Hulu also has a free option with a more limited catalog.

4. The PathDifficult People, and other Hulu Originals

The Path - Hulu Original Shows


Each streaming platform has in recent years tried to establish a library of original content to offer subscribers exclusive material, but Hulu has more or less found itself on the outside looking in until recently. But now Hulu has begun its own push into original content in the hopes that it can compete with the sizable output of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

In just the past year, Hulu has added a series of critically acclaimed original programming that has received the kind of critical acclaim usually limited to Netflix and to a lesser extent Amazon Prime. This includes comedies Difficult People, from Julie Klausner and starring Klausner and Billy Eichner, and Casual, from Zander Lehmann featuring Jason Reitman as the director of its first two episodes. On the drama front, Hulu recently rolled out The Path starring Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, and Hugh Dancy in a series about a fictional cult that has been renewed for a second season. And if you look at Hulu’s original programming coming in the near future you’ll see that the streaming service has clearly put itself in the mix as a top content creator for years to come.

FreshDirect: Fresh and High-Quality Foods


FreshDirect is a US-based pioneer online grocery that specializes in the delivery of high-quality and fresh delicious foods and groceries to residents and offices in the metropolitan area of New York City. The firm is headquartered in Long Island City in New York under the administration of David McInerney, who is also the co-founder.

FreshDirect, LLC was started by Joe Fedele and David McInerney in 1999. The company has evolved over the last 20 years and has gained surging popularity in North East America because of its fresh foods, convenience and affordable prices.

Equally, the company serves individuals from New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Hoboken as well as Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Fairfield and Westchester counties with next-day delivery.   Similarly, FreshDirect provides its consumers with custom groceries and foods using the JustFresh Direct brand.

Product Range

The company provides its clients with a repertoire of finest food products like vegetables, fruits, meals, seafood, deli and cheese, bakery and pastry products as well as dairy goods, beer, party platters frozen foods, groceries and wine and spirits at cheapest costs.

Moreover, clients can shop by style for gluten-free, local, kosher and organic and natural food items with so much ease. The enterprise also specializes in the sale of entertaining goods in the catering and flowers departments.

Additionally, FreshDirect employs the use of customers’ favourite brands like Dri Scolli’s, Katie’s Best, Sixty South, FreshDirect as well as Arnold, Sabra, EarthBound Farm and Bubly. Notably, don’t miss to make orders on the firm’s summer party line up, for example, in-season produce, snacks, play bartender, salad and cold drinks. 

Furthermore, the industry uses recent deals of up to sixty per cent discounts to offer their clientele with top-rated products such as Mexican Hass avocados, Golden Kiss melons from Savor fresh farms, a bunch of baby bananas and the organic mixed cherry from the Long Wind farms.

Management and Customer Service

FreshDirect values and upholds stronger work-ethic culture with their workforce and farmers. It provides its employees with benefits such as paid off time, maternity and paternity leave, medical insurance as well as free lunch or snacks and employee discount programs to boost their morale and performance.

Then again, it develops and uses custom software that provides goods with unique packaging.  For that precise reason, customers pride in the company for its high-quality and fresh food items, fast delivery and the prompt and excellent customer care services.


Generally, the rising popularity of FreshDirect amongst the North East Americans is a clear indicator that its services and products are excellent!  With this in mind, order your food products and groceries today from FreshDirect and experience delicious foods and groceries in their peak freshness.

Surlatable: Affordable Finest Kitchenware!


Surlatable Inc. is an American private retailer which is a perfect destination for the most elegant top brands of kitchenware such as cookware, bakeware, small appliances as well as cutlery, cooking tools and houseware. The corporate headquarters is based in Seattle, Washington under the leadership Billy May.

Shirly Collins founded the first Sur La Table store in 1972 at the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle. It was the best place which provided cooks with vast opportunities for finding a more comprehensive selection of culinary products from around the world. However, in 1995, Collins sold the firm to Investcorp. Today, it has gained popularity for its global kitchenware brands and has over 130 stores across the US.

Product Range

Surlatable  is the place to visit by individuals who love cooking and entertaining! The industry’s catalogue entails a unique collection of exclusive and premium-quality kitchen products. 

Cookware includes stovetops like saucepans, skillets, grills and pans as well as Dutch ovens and braisers.

Additionally, the company offer their customers with bakeware and the baking tools such as baking mats and parchemats, baking sets, cupcake and muffin pans as well as pastry tools, soufflés and food gift packaging. The favorite brands for the bakeware merchandise include Trudeau, Silicone Bakeware, USA pan as well as Ateco, Le Creuset and Emile Henry.

Moreover, the dining home products encompass glassware, linen, dinnerware and the serving items. Likewise, customers can find knives that make them feel right and comfortable while preparing meals like those under $ 1000, bread, cheese as well as the paring and the knife sets.

The company also specializes in outdoor dining and entertaining products, small appliances as well as gift ideas, cards and coffee and tea items. Don’t miss to participate in this month’s exciting activities like family fun comprising of the Italian American recipe!

Organization and Employees

The store’s revenue exceeds $162 million and has over 1000 employees who are diligent, talented and knowledgeable. The firm success is attributed to excellent discounts, flexible working hours, and adequate training it provides to its staff. The industry also offers cooking classes and unforgettable immersive cooking summertime experiences to young kids and teens who aspire to be great chefs in the future. Furthermore, the product ratings for items are excellent, and customers laud it for world-class customer services.


Surlatable is not only the ultimate store for most elegant kitchenware but also a place where individuals who are passionate about cooking can have excellent cooking training programs.

Overstock: Cheapest and Trendy Products


Overstock is a public American-based online retailer of diverse merchandise such as home decor, furniture and clothing at affordable and friendly rates. The corporate headquarters is in Midvale, Utah near the Salt Lake City. It is currently headed by its founder Patrick Byrne who is also an advocate for cryptocurrency and Blockchain. For differentiation, Overstock is the online pioneer company that accepts Bitcoin as payment for its products.

Robert Brussel initially founded Overstock in 1997 as D2: Discount Direct and later sold it to Patrick Byrne in 1999 who renamed and relaunched the company to Overstock.  The main goal for creating Overstock was to promote the creation and the optimization of e-commerce marketing for liquidation of inventories.

The company has steadily grown over the years, and it currently earns revenue of more than $1.7 billion because of its slogan of “Dream Homes for All”.

Product Range

Overstock offers superior quality commodities like sleek and comfortable home and office furniture like shabby chic tables and the mid-century rocky chair.

The store also provides its customers with outdoor products such as patio furniture, decor as well as the umbrella and shades. Moreover, the apparel entails men, women and children clothing and shoes as well as beauty and accessories products.

Additionally, Overstock specializes in the sale of rugs as well as jewellery, including rings, necklaces, watches and bracelets.


Furthermore, it is home to trendy and nostalgic interior decor like the art gallery, decorative accessories and throw pillows as well as the lightings and window treatments such as curtains and blinds.

Besides, the company deals with beddings and bath products. The company also specializes in pet supplies, kid toys, sports and outdoor as well as the world stock, electronics and materials for crafting and sewing.

Organization and Customer Service

Overstock has over 1,800 employees who are diligent and passionate towards the provision of the customer– friendly services.  It has won awards like American Business Award and the Top 100 Retailers for its outstanding employee and customer satisfaction.

The company also uses several marketing platforms like their website, newsroom and investor relations firms to inform customers of the latest flash deals, bestselling and the top-rated products as categorized by design and brand. Recently, Overstock launched the Pioneering Mixed Augmented Reality and 3D Models for its consumers in partnership with SeeKView.


When you require any trendy and classic product of your preference, log into Overstock and get it at the best and craziest coupon deals ever.

Decorate Your Home With Exquisite Products From Neiman Marcus Last Call

With Neiman Marcus, it is now much easier and less costly to embellish your home. Neiman Marcus is a top-notch store whose discount retailer, Neiman Marcus Last Call, just introduced their new home section at your disposal! Walking into their store now not only guarantees you an access to a vast collection of designer clothes and accessories, but also lets you decorate your home for a bargain.

Their home section offers lighting, decor, dining, furniture, rugs, bed and bath, outdoor, among others. The Senior Vice President of Neiman Marcus Last Call, Elizabeth Allison, commented on their ultimate excitement on the launching of their new Home Section to Neiman Marcus Last Call Online.

She added that there are several different products available at their online store aimed at enhancing your space and creating a stylish scene both in your home and office. Their display contains a variety of products that can outfit several areas from your kitchen to your bedroom to your outdoor space, most of which are products from Safavieh as their main designer.

This line is popular for it range of fashion and craftsmanship and Neiman Marcus Last Call sells them out at a discount— a deal you can’t afford to miss!

Their home section accommodates everyone, whether you are looking to furnish your whole home or just bit by bit, and has perfect sizes for different room spaces, small and big. Brushing through the collection, we came up with some must-have commodities available at Neiman Marcus Last Call online below:

Safavieh Abele Side Table

This bold color combo is such a spectacular table to fit in any room at your home. The single drawer has a rich, lacquered, blue finishing that makes up a perfect contrast to the brass frame. 

The legs are finished in gold and have a mellowed texture that matches the one on the drawer pull. Its sizes favours small spaces as it makes an ideal entryway resting position. It is slender enough for a short wall, but the absence of tabletop space is compensated for by the drawer.

Most apartments lack enough space to host an office or basically a full-on desk. The width of this table is sufficient to form an ultimate laptop workstation. It goes for $622 as opposed to its original cost of $1,131.

Safavieh Carlene Writing Desk

If you are looking to design a study that you will always crave to work on, this desk should be your priority. It is laden with mixed material construction which will catch your attention each time you walk in, luring you to be productive. Its white top and one of the desk’s table legs are lacquered to offer a completely fashionable look, while one wooden end gives the setup a more unsophisticated look and an industrial feel.

 The wooden legs’ texture also makes the element smooth and aesthetic. Although it has a geometric design, it is not purely meant for aesthetics as the angled shelved could serve as chic storage for decor and books. It is now available at a discount for $427, a noticeable cut from its original cost of $777.

Safavieh Anwen Geometric Coffee Table

You can’t have a better and modern centerpiece than the one created with this geometric coffee table in your room. It is characterized by an uneven stack of four wooden frames and a glass top finishing. As much as the design is made up of clean lines, some unfinished and industrial element of the table makes it palatable in any environment.

You can easily create a modern and urban space by placing this set up on a concrete loft floor, sans rug, with some surrounding minimal dark leather furniture. A much softer approach could feature surrounding deluxe accents and other glass elements. It originally went for $597, but currently at Neiman Marcus Last Call’s home section, you can purchase it for $328.

Safavieh Atka Console Table

Such Acrylic tables are usually costly and most people tend to avoid them when planning a redesign of their home or office, but with the Safavieh Atka Console Table costing almost half its original market price, you can’t resist the urge to consider buying it. With this acrylic version, you can achieve a lucite look for less. It has curved edges which gives it a soft feel on the edges, amplified by the see-through finish.

It’s almost transparent look makes it appear delicate. This table is quite a masterpiece of beauty as you can use both its top and the space underneath for decoration. You can use the clear finish as a display case where you can show off, say overflow books and other knick-knacks that can’t fit on the surface. It originally cost $1,116, but it is now on sale for only $614, quite a fair price for its value.

Neiman Marcus never disappoints when it comes to clothing and other  designer accessories, and their new home section is not an exception. Visit their online stores and explore their home decoration products variety at a discount. At Neiman Marcus Last Call, you get ultimate value for your money!

Origins Skincare Review

A quick little post before the weekend arrives to share with you some products I have been trying out that I’m currently loving. I have never tried any products from the Origins brand before, but as I am doing my best to keep up with a skincare regime that is as natural as possible, I decided it was about time I gave this highly sought after brand a review. The products I have are one’s tailored to my skin needs: Origins Modern Friction Dermabrasion, Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash, and Origins Planscriptions Anti-Aging Power Serum.

Firstly, I want to say that the Modern Friction Dermabrasion, £33 for 125ml, is my new favourite! It is one of the best exfoliators I have ever used. I like to use a dermabrasion type exfoliating wash once a week to help speed up my skin cell renewal, so that marks from breakouts and sun-damage are kept on top of, turning over quicker and revealing newer and brighter skin. This natural and gentle exfoliator also makes the texture of my skin feel super soft; I noticed my skin felt really smooth and appeared slightly clearer with more radiance after just two uses. It contains skin refining rice starch, illuminating lemon oil, and smoothing aloe, and these powerful natural ingredients work wonders to really unclog my skin. It has relaxing perk-me-up aromas of Bergamot and Peppermint, and even though it is a dermabrasion product, it feels really creamy to use. No harsh sharp particles and no redness after using. I love it, and it has now taken over my No7 Microdermabrasion exfoliator as my number 1 scrub!

The next lovely product is the Checks and Balances Facial Wash, £18.50, which aims to cleanse the skin whilst at the same time moisturising dry patches, and balancing out oily parts too. My skin is slightly combination; I have dry areas around my nose and cheeks, yet my forehead and chin can get really shiny throughout the day. This facial wash aims to target this problem,  and keep skin looking refreshed. I love using this – again it smells amazing, a real natural, holistic scent with a nice frothy texture. I always feel like my skin is ultra clean after using this. If you are looking for a gentle daily wash to moisturise, balance and protect all in one, then this should be one of your go-to products!

The third product is the Anti-aging Power Serum. Now I always find it difficult to review a product that has the aim to reduce the appearance of aging, as I am only 28 with (touch wood) very few lines appearing. However, I did noticed that with regular use of this serum, my skin began to feel more firm and ‘lifted’, as well as completely moisturised. Again, it’s texture and scent are just lovely, and this product does seem to rank fairly high in the beauty world for reducing the signs of wrinkles and aging skin. It costs £48 for 30ml, but a little really does go a long way!

What is Motosport?

MotoSport was founded by Bill Butcher in Yakima, WA in 1999. Bill sought to combine his love for Powersports with his knack for business success. His passion for motorcycles and a lack of service from local dealers led to MotoSport. Nearly two decades later, MotoSport is still growing and providing high-quality service and products to Powersports enthusiast and casual riders.

According to the MotoSport website, “When you call for help or advice you’ll actually talk to someone who owns, rides and wrenches on a dirt bike, street bike, ATV or side-by-side.”

It’s much easier to provide great support when you use your own products. First-hand experience is always better than calling a support number only to get a call center and a scripted response. Employees at MotoSport are self-proclaimed “Gearheads” which is a moniker they proudly accept in honor of their history of hands-on knowledge and fast help.

What Makes MotoSport Stand Out?

Beyond quality service, they offer a huge selection of powersports parts and accessories. Finding the parts you need is as simple as choosing from a drop-down and entering a year or model number. From there you’ll be presented with a list of product categories. A click or two later and you’ve ordered your parts.

MotoSport carries custom and OEM parts for a wide variety of manufacturers of dirt bikes, ATVs, utility ATVs, UTVs, street bikes and cruising bikes. The website is searchable and broken down into well organized, helpful categories including:

  • ATV Parts
  • OEM Parts
  • Tires and Wheels
  • Tools and Maintenance
  • Protection

If you don’t know what your part is called or maybe you’d like some advice on a repair, give them a call. They also have several useful search tools to help you fast-track your way to the correct parts for your motorcycle, ATV or UTV. Quality customer service is a priority, and they have qualified professionals on hand to advise and help.

MotoSport is more than a motorcycle parts house. They give back to their community. They match, up to $20,000 a year, every dollar their customers donate to motorsport related charities such as Rider Down. These charities help injured Powersports enthusiasts or racers.

If you’re new to motorsports, they can help you learn. There is a huge section of their website devoted to riding tips and tech tips. You’ll find videos and blog posts on everything from product reviews, they test their products, to how to ride safely or tips for beginning riders. MotoSport is truly a rare find in the world of parts and repairs.

Features like these are what make MotoSport stand out from their competition. After all, their mission statement is, “We exist to ensure Powersports enthusiasts never miss a ride.” They stand behind that statement to the point of offering free shipping on most orders over $79.

Foot Locker and its New Culture

Foot Locker, the largest U.S. specialty athletic-shoe retailer, no longer wants you to think of it as just a sneaker shop. Instead, try identifying it as a place for “youth culture empowerment.”

Changing consumer behaviors have brands of all kinds scrambling to respond, and Foot Locker is no different. The New York-based retailer is transforming itself at its fastest pace since it opened its first store in 1974.

Since January, Foot Locker has invested in four startups: kicks resale business Goat, sneaker design academy Pensole, online children’s clothing subscription service Rockets of Awesomeness, and kids’ shoe and apparel brand Super Heroic. Last year, Foot Locker also took a minority stake in women’s luxury activewear brand Carbon38.

“We’ve changed a lot,” Richard Johnson, Foot Locker president and CEO, said in an interview. “The pace of change isn’t going to slow down. The consumer moves fast. We’ve got to be agile to adapt to it. … All these things we are identifying to invest are capabilities we want to add to the ecosystem that serves youth culture. … None of them are distractions.”

A case in point: At Foot Locker’s Times Square flagship, Super Heroic and Rockets of Awesomeness are already featured in Kids Foot Locker while a design from a Pensole creator has been turned into an Adidas shoe sold exclusively at Foot Locker. Johnson said Foot Locker is in the early stage of growth with Goat.

In the company’s home market in North America, Foot Locker this year opened the region’s first “power stores” in Detroit and Philadelphia after first introducing them in cities including Liverpool and London. These stores feature exclusive products and touches tailored to local tastes. They also aim to deliver on the retail buzzword of the day: experience. Meant to be “a hub for local sneaker culture, art, music and sports,” in the company’s words, they have space to host traffic-driving community events like pop-up nail salons and Xbox gaming sessions.

About Paul Fredrick Online Boutique

Founded in 1986, Paul Fredrick is a leading designer and retailer of men’s apparel and related accessories. Paul Fredrick sells merchandise direct-to-consumers through its catalogs and website.

Originally specializing in dress shirts, their collection, which they design, manufacture and distribute, now includes a full line of menswear and accessories. No wholesalers. No storefronts. Just great style at everyday prices.

Paul Fredrick is a men’s clothing leader in both design and retail – from dress shirts, ties and suits, casual wear, shoes, and other accessories. Based in Fleetwood, Penn., the retailer makes products available through online or phone orders.

Paul F. Sacher, Founder of Paul Fredrick, commented, “Over the years, we have remained true to our original mission – to offer high-quality men’s dress and casual shirts at a great value.

Paul Fredrick MenStyle, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes apparel for men. It sells dress shirts, ties, outerwear, suits, sport coats, pants, sport shirts, sweaters, and shoes; accessories, such as pocket squares, hats, gloves, scarves, cufflinks, belts, socks, suspenders, colognes, and lapel pins; and gift cards. The company sells its products online. Paul Fredrick MenStyle, Inc. was founded in 1986 and is based in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania.

For more information, please visit www.paul