BeenVerifed Background Checks

Founded in 2007 and based in New York City, BeenVerified is a company that provides public information in an easy, affordable, and fast format. To date the company has served more than 100,000 people, providing them with consolidated public data from multiple sources. BeenVerified offers subscription services where customers can have access to a set amount of background checks per month depending on their selected plan.

BeenVerified is a good choice for background checks because the company provides a thorough check and goes above and beyond in the mobile app department, allowing customers unprecedented access to their services when they are away from their desktop. The company offers subscription plans that are definitely geared more toward those needing multiple reports in a set space of time, so they aren’t the most cost-effective choice for individual consumers wanting to do just a search or two.

BeenVerified is not classified as a consumer reporting agency by the FCRA. This means there are certain stipulations those using its services must abide by. BeenVerified’s services cannot be used by potential employers or landlords to make decisions. The company is very upfront about this and offers details instructions on what their services can and cannot be used for.

BeenVerified Screening Details

BeenVerified offers mostly standard fare when it comes to screening options for background checks. The company provides you with a comprehensive federal and state criminal records, as well as litigation history, bankruptcies, education, and employment verification, former addresses, etc. One area of screening BeenVerified does stand out is with their “court runner” feature. At an additional cost, usually around $20 plus court processing costs, BeenVerified will send an actual person to county courts to search records that have not been digitized. This would be of particular interest to those searching for older or more esoteric information on their search subject.

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